Since October 1st CE Enter market is no longer active. Please find more information here.

About CEEnter

CE Enter Market is multilateral trading facility managed by the Zagreb Stock Exchange, Inc. and consists of the following segments:
  • CE Enter - Alter
  • CE Enter - Fortis
  • CE Enter - X
When investing in the financial instruments which are traded on the CE Enter Market, investors should take into account the following:
  1. The CE Enter Market is an alternative market managed by the Exchange.
  2. The main characteristic of the CE Enter Market are lower transparency requirements for the issuers and financial instruments compared to the regulated market and, consequently, a higher associated risk of investing in the financial instruments traded on the CE Enter Market.
  3. The Exchange provides a sufficient level of publicly available information on the financial instruments traded on the CE Enter Market to ensure orderly trading and pricing.
  4. The obligation to publicly disclose the information laid down in these Rules shall be performed by the person pursuant to whose application the financial instruments are admitted to trading on the CE Enter Market.
  5. The provisions of the CMA, other regulations and subordinated legislation adopted pursuant to such regulations concerning market abuse shall apply to trading on the CE Enter Market.
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